Sometimes you just have to take out the garbage.

Life has been exhausting lately. Everything is exhausting. The news is exhausting. Corona virus is exhausting. Everything seems to be life-or-death. Going outside is dangerous. Shopping is dangerous. Being around people is dangerous. Getting up the energy to go to work as exhausting. Actually doing the job has been exhausting.

On top of all that, We have to remember to do the mundane things like taking out the garbage…*sigh*…exhausting.

Now,taking out the garbage is exhausting. Dammit! Now, I have to do the exhausting work of figuring out how much can be collected before I have to take it out. I have to be careful about what I put in the garbage can so as not to attract bugs and flies(more on flies, in just a second. Dear God, those flies!!!).

I have to limit myself to how many times I go outside so I have to do NASA like calculations on how many days I can go before taking out said garbage. Said calculations now must also take into account being fiscally prudent in limiting the amount of garbage bags being used. Just writing this paragraph is exhausting. Why? Because it suddenly occurred to me maybe I should start using the word trash, interchangeably, with the word garbage so as not to be saying the word garbage too many times in this blog post. On top of that I started obsessing about putting commas in the blog and making sure not to have too many run on sentences. Dammit, this is becoming sooooo exhausting!! Why can’t I just blog about this damn garbage already?!!! Why do I have to care about YOUR feelings in MY blog talking about my stupid garbage?! And if my paragraph is too blasted long and don’t have enough commas or don’t have enough other words like trash instead of garbage to suit your liking so as to be entertaining and insightful for you to follow me as apparently having millions of followers following you to God only knows where because apparently its now vogue to follow whomever wherever mad about the whole damn world. Exhausting!

Ehem…appears I got off on a little tangent. My apologies. These flies have about driven me mad. You would completely understand if I had stuck to the point about the garbage.

Garbage? What was I saying about the garbage? O, yea, we now return to our previously scheduled program. My bad. In my defense, though, life has been exhausting….

I had the garbage ratio figured out: appropriate amount of garbage for thr garbage bag, bag neatly tied, to be taken out, in the morning. That took two days, of arguing, with myself, over taking out the trash/garbage before or after work..*Cassandra wonders if anyone has noticed her intentional passive aggressive usage of commas and the word trash..hehe..*. I would have been home free if not for those two bananas. I stupidly convinced myself that put into bananas and the trash and leave it overnight would not be such a big deal. Huge huge mistake!

I awoke the next morning, got up to make a leisurely breakfast of boiled eggs and coffee, and began, what I thought, was a stress-free, work from home day.

Little did I know, the small band of ornery flies had taken up residence in my apartment and were just waiting for the opportune moment to make my morning/afternoon of living hell!!

One fly joined me for coffee and then invited all of it’s friends. I spent ALL days yelling/pleading/screaming/swatting flies whilst trying to act, like a professional, taking care of work issues. Do you have any idea how exhausting and maddening it is trying to remain calm and professional whilst battling The Swarm in your apartment. Speaking of The Swarm, those over 50 may remember that movie. About a bunch of bees that terrorized the world. Look it up, an entertaining show back in the day…

I could not wait for my work day to in period. I scooped up that garbage and rushed it out to the dumpster. I also fogged up the house with spray that had been sitting next to me for TWO DAYS that I had been too exhausted to use as it required fogging then leaving the apartment for 15 minutes and of course I was simply too exhausted for that…*sigh*.

I ended up sitting in the car for an hour waiting for the flogger to do its job and hoping the Lord of the Flies would be gone by the time I got back in apartment.

I thought I was home free. Went to bed in swat free bliss and dreamed of an exhausting free work from home day of competently handling work issues in a professional way whilst sipping happily on French Vanilla coffee. O, what wondrous dreams I had that night….

I woke singing happily to myself and puttered around, boiling eggs and making coffee. All was quiet. The coffee was hot in delicious. So much so that I decided to have a mini brownie with my coffee. Apparently one fly thought that was a fantastic idea and invited itself to coffee and breakfast. The fly called all of it’s friends! Day two, of the Lord of the flies commenced…exhausting…*Cassandra laments for the 20,000th time why o why didn’t you just take out the stupid garbage?! It would have taken all of five minutes!!*

After another exhausting day of coming up with new break dance moves as I fought 10 million flies, I fogged the place, AGAIN, sat in the car for two hours this time and stealthily to see if my tiny foes had been defeated. They HAD to be. The next day was my day off. I was exhausted and looking forward to a weekend of coffee, quiet and an entire day of doing absolutely nothing. The flies appeared to have either a) gotten bored b) found me intensely entertaining and were laying in wait for the perfect time to strike or c) were waiting for the eggs to be boiled and coffee to be made…*sigh*

As you have already surmised, the Lord of the Flies had selected b AND c!

Day 3, of Lord if the Flies, and on my off day, no less, has already begun…*Cassandra arms herself with coffee, a good book, her courage and heads for the car, to wait out yet another fogger bomb and pray something will be left of her leisurely do absolutely nothing day.

Sometimes, you just have to do the expedient thing and take out the garbage. I exchanged 15 minutes of lazy for 3 days of fly warfare.

The moral of this story? Who the world knows. Am too exhausted to come up with one. Let me know, what it is, if you ever reach the end of this exhausting tale…


Keep your head up, peeps. We SHALL make it through this time. Yes, it is exhausting. Yes, it is scary and unknowing. By us. God knows all and sees all. God shall see us through. Hold onto your joy. Laugh through the flies. Let someone know you love them and see their exhaustion. Share yours with them. This may give them the courage to share theirs with you. Help bear someone’s burden. Life here lately is exhausting….

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