Percival says hi.

I admit it. I have been defeated. There is this stubborn fly that will NOT leave the television alone. I have named him Percival. Percival says hi…*sigh*.

I have decided to make Percival my muse. We have a wary truce. He can have the corner of the television. Just stay out of my…blast it, Percival, wouldja cut me some slack already and get out of the way! Tiger is fixing to putt…*pout*.

Apparently, Percival, my muse, has also decided to be a cautionary tale for me. He is a stubborn reminder that sometimes our dumbness provides us with leftovers, called consequences that we must endure/live with. Sometimes, those consequences are short lived. Others, hang around until we understand that life ain’t playing with us. Still, others can last a lifetime. They turn us into something/someone else.

Three decades ago, I had the opportunity to get married. I turned it down. Now, I lie here, in the dark, watching the golf tournament with my fly friend Percival…*sigh*. I wonder what me I would be now, if I had gotten married back then.

Would I be fulfilled? Or, would I be wishing I was alone, in the dark, watching golf with my fly friend, Percival? Who knows? God does and He’s not telling. Life has to be lived, dontcha know.

None of knows the future. We have no idea what our choices, or lack of making choices, will bring. All that we can bring to the table is our attitude and effort. The rest is up to Percival. Believe me I have tried to get rid of him. He won’t go.

Sooner or later, you are just going to have to surrender to the fact that the outcome of life does not reside with us. All we can do is either eat the bananas or take out the garbage. Life will take care of the rest.

In case no one has told you, today. I love you and am praying that you find friendship, blessings and love in this big old thing called life.❤

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