Lord of the Flies Day 3

I am determined to enjoy my day off, flies or no! I made my bed now I have to put on my big girl pants and lay in it. Rather, had I just taken five minutes to take out the garbage I wouldn’t be in this fix…*grumble*.

Nevertheless, I am choosing to make lemonade out of these lemons. I am bound and determined to enjoy the golf tournament. Go Tiger!

Hhmm, I see the flies are enjoying the television as well. Get out of the way!!!! Seeing they are distracted by the golf, I stealthily creep to the television, with my homemade fly swatter, and vow to vanquish these blasted flies if it’s the last thing I do. Egads!!! OMG!!!!! GET OUTTA THE WAY!!…*Cassandra remembers her vow to make lemonade out of this plague, this swarm, this….move!!!*

I surrender. Am enjoying the golf tournament, in the dark, contemplating a chicken sandwich. Sounds good. Good yikes may entice the rest of the Lord of the Flies. I settle for the less of two evils and munch a chicken salad, in the dark, whilst stealthily sneaking up on my now avowed enemies. How blessed many flies can there possibly be in here already!

Have to end this blog early. Tiger fixing to putt and I have another fly in my sights. TWACK. One down, am scared to know how many left to go…*whispers Go Tiger*

To be continued…unfortunately.

O, yea, almost forgot the moral of this story. When you have been a dumbsky and have failed to take out the garbage due to laziness, no need in compounding said dumbness by wasting your day off on whining and complaining. You can either beat yourself up because of your dumb choice. Or, you can get to whacking flies and ENJOY your day. The flies will be there no matter what your choice is. Yes, you shoulda taken five minutes and taken out the garbage. Yes, you gave yourself three days of irritation and unexpected workout chasing down flies. Yes, you look like a complete moron hollering at flies and jumping around like a loon, in the dark, bathed by the light of the television. But, alas, there is ALWAYS a silver lining. You have had a good laugh. You have had flies for company. You have gotten some needed exercise and a fantastic blog post.

Life is short. Forgive yourself for present and past dumbness. ADMIT to said dumbness. Correct the mistake and move on. Since when did owning up to OUR mistakes become a bad thing? It’s okay to be a dumbsky. Perfectly okay to admit to being a dumbsky. The trick is understanding that being a dumbsky does not have to be a permanent condition. All it takes is the willingness to own mistakes, fix them the best we can and keep it moving.

That, and a good fly swatter. 😉

I love you, my bros and sis. We all we got but we all we need.❤

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