30 minutes of normal…

I thought of the five WONDERFUL minutes, of normal, where I drank my french vanilla coffee and thought, thankfully, of not a whole lot. I thought, dreamily, of those five minutes of coffee, and….hmm….wondered if I could snatch, perhaps, perchance, maybe a full 30 minutes, of normal.

Dare I risk it? It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice, not to have to try, to strive, to fight. I NEEDED 30 minutes, of normal, yall. So, I peeked around, to ensure no one was looking, and stole myself 30 MINUTES OF NORMAL! If you promise, not to tell, I shall tell you, the wonderous secret. So, you can/may, find the courage to steal, 30 minutes of normal, for you.

*Cassandra peers around anxiously*…..shhh…..*Cassandra snatches a flashlight and turns out all the lights*….hmm….*Cassandra dives into the hall closet*…..YIKES!….*Cassandra makes a mental note to fold that basket of clothes already!!*….oopps…..*Cassandra begins to fold clothes then remembers she is supposed to be telling folks how to steal those 30 minutes*…..my bad, yall.

I snatched another 5 minutes of normal, by having another cup of coffee, whilst I pondered HOW I might find a full 30 minutes, of normal. I drank, and pondered. Pondered, and drank. And, then, it happened. IT HAPPENED!!

I picked up the phone. Placed an order for a pizza and Pepsi. Ham, bacon and grilled chicken. With Alfredo sauce, of course, and waited for my supper, to arrive, whist I enjoyed 5 more wonderfully delicious, mindless, free five minutes of normal.

Pizza arrived, soon there after. Plates? Check. Glass? No check. Straight outta the bottle, for me. Napkins? Check, and double check. Fully armed, I picked up, a slice of pizza, munched happily, and began to ponder, how the world I could find 30 minutes of normal.

After a few minutes, I found myself munching more, and thinking less. Drinking lustily/loudly, I found myself enjoying the quiet, enjoying the flavors, enjoying the fantastic burn, of Pepsi going down the pipe, too fast.

One slice, turned to two. Five minutes, turned into 30 minutes. 30 minutes, of quiet. 30 minutes, of peace. 30 minutes, of doing nothing more than enjoying pizza, and the world in general.

I chowed down, on that pizza, during that precious 30 minutes, and felt the pure joy, of living in this wonderful country. I thought of family, I loved, who, hopefully loved me. I thought of friends, who were there for me, through thick and thin, through ALL of my dumbness, and I have done/said/been some super dumb things in my life. Egads. Yikes.

I sat, in my apartment, where I worked hard from so that I could enjoy living in, and thought ‘man, that was a fantastic 30 minutes of normal!’ In fact, I found that an hour, had passed.

Seems like, normal had missed me, too. Normal, had been waiting, anxiously, for ME to return to it. I invited normal, to have a slice of pizza, with me, and stay, for a while. Normal agreed. We had a long talk, normal and I. We talked about how…….oppps…..I promised normal that I would not give away it’s secret. I promised to allow you to find normal, for yourself.

I will give you one hint, though. Life will ALWAYS throw you, for a loop. It will ALWAYS blindside you, from time to time. The trick is, knowing how to get some normal, back in your day, when life flips the script and does ridiculous/outrageous things. The trick lies in caring, for yourself, whilst in the chaos, through the chaos, in spite of, the chaos. Don’t wait for chaos, to end. Or, this to end, or that to change. Find, some normal, in ALL things.

What, IS normal, you ask? Great question! Alas, that is another story, for another time. In this time, in this moment, think I am gonna go have me five more minutes of normal….hmmm……may make that 30 minutes of normal….*Cassandra heads off to the kitchen for a cup of french vanilla coffee*……


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