I’m sorry, I love you, and, I got you!

When the landmark SCOTUS decision, came down, the other day, granting LBGTQ protective rights, I was really surprised. I had no idea that gay folks could be fired, just for being gay. They could now marry, but could be booted, from their jobs, just for being them. That had me thinking. So, I reached out, to a gay friend, and I apologized. I had no idea, what the colors in the Gay Pride flag meant. That is, until I asked a ‘dumb’ question, and someone explained. They also explained about the pink flag that used to proceed it. Was fascinating learning. I apologized, to my gay friend, that I had never supported gay folk, by walking with them, in their parade. No, I am not gay. But, I love them. Told him that I would ‘do better’. I’m sorry, my gay brothers and sisters. I love you. I got you.

That, got me to thinking of trans folks. I had NO idea how prevalent violence is, towards the Trans community. I had no idea, how many have been murdered, here lately. For no reason, other then them living their lives THEIR way. I was talking, to my gay guy friend, about a trans friend, that I have. Yet, I don’t see him as ‘trans’. To him, he is just my friend. Have always felt that way, about him. He is such a wonderful person. He has such a beautiful heart. And, yet, that heart has been broken, many times, by folks who refuse to see. Or, in seeing, have chosen to judge, and not love. I love you, my friend. I’m sorry, my trans brothers and sisters. I love you. I got you.

And, THAT, had me thinking of my guy POC friend. We have had several deep conversations, regarding living while black. He shared many things with me. How it feels, to be a black man, in THIS America. The things he has to do, how he has to walk, talk, act just to make it home safe. Every step, has been an effort. His male skin, has been considered ‘criminal’, his whole life. As a female POC, I get my horrid treatment. Yet, I think our male POC have had to bear tremendous weight/burden. In addition, they also have had to bear the weight of being the bread winner, the champion, the healer, the stud, the intellectual, the athlete, the….*sigh*….the list goes on and on. I’m sorry, my brothers. My kings/princes. I love you, my brothers. I got you.

Which leads me to my white friends. Man, they have been getting hammered. They woke up, one day, and the entire world, it seems, was mad at them. Mad at them for ‘not being woke’. And, if they HAD woken up, well, folks still mad, demanding ‘why did it take you so long!?’. They are kind of stuck, between a rock and a hard place. As, I, myself, find myself switching between compassion and anger….’dammit, what the hell took you so long to get here!?!’…sorry ’bout that. White folks, don’t know what to do with themselves, let alone angry me, angry us(POC). I tried, to imagine myself, in their shoes. Some, white friends, have let me know how truly hurt they are, how angry they have been, how hopeless they feel that they can’t change things for us. Many, have admitted, they have had no clue and wonder how we all got here. They feel ‘just awful’ they lived in privilege, with the freedom that comes with being able to look away. I can imagine how that must hurt. I’m sorry, my white brothers and sisters. I love you. I got you.

And, that, had/has me thinking of all the other races, the other groups, that have been marginalized, who have been pushed aside, shunned, discarded. I think of young folks, in particular, who have been dismissed, who have been treated as less than, whose thoughts have been thought little of, or not at all. I think of older folks, who have been put out to pasture, who have been dismissed as having lived ‘enough of life’. Who are expected to ‘step aside’ and let the young folks take over. I’m so sorry, young folks, yall matter. Yalls voices matter. Your thoughts are important. Your ideas are crucial. I’m so very sorry, older folks. Yall paved the way, for ALL OF US. Yall built this place. Yall taught us how, so that we could move on and take care of you. I’m sorry to my young/old brothers and sisters. I love you. I got you.

To my brothers and sisters. To ALL of my brothers and sisters of the USA: I’m sorry. I love you. I got you. I cover you, with the Flag, that covers me. Will you, take a corner, and cover, someone else? I got you. Will you have me?

your sister forever,


P.S. If you got me, hit me up, as the young folk say. I want to get to know as many of my sisters/brothers, as I can. We got this, yall. We do




One thought on “I’m sorry, I love you, and, I got you!

  1. Every human is hurting, scared, lost and confused in one way or another. But in the world most don’t feel safe enough to stand because it’s always going to be a problem for someone somewhere. And for those who really don’t know God
    ( not just know of Him ) they have no security which breeds fear. We are all every single person unique and until we are okay with who we are we will struggle to except others uniqueness weather its color, gender, nationality, sexual preference or any other differences. Hey but I got you all and more importantly God’s got you.


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