How many lives before enough really will be ENOUGH?

I have been praying, for days, for something to be done. POC are dropping, like flies. The hospital are being over run. Yet, this country is going about it’s business. I see folks, who are declaring it’s ‘their right’ to walk around, without a mask. They say they are ‘living their lives’. Dammit, they are living their lives, at the expense of others. They are living their lives, mostly to the detriment, of POC.

I keep seeing, hearing and talking to folks who keeps saying that things are ‘not that bad’. And, it’s white folks, who are saying this. They are not the ones, getting late texts and phone calls. They are not hearing how friends, and loved ones, have died.

I was just talking, to a good white friend of mine, who was telling me that most of the people she knows either don’t care or don’t believe things are as bad as they are. This made me angry/sad. America, should be better than this. How coronavirus became a political issue, I have no idea. It needs to stop. We are all either going to live together, or we are going to die, together. This virus does not care about who you vote for. It does not care about how much money you have. This virus, could care less about where you live or who you love. Yes, it is snatching POC, at an alarming rate. Is also decimating brown folk indigenous/Latinx folks.

Rest assured, the rest of yall, it shall be coming for you. How many of us, though, will have to die, before you give two damns? I am not generally a swearer. I am angry. In a few weeks, there WILL be a major press conference. There WILL be a wringing of hands. Politicians will commiserate ‘with the American people’. They will swear to do better. They will promise relief checks. They will finally ramp up testing. They will end their partisanship, and will promise ‘immediate action. They will, dramatically, shut down the country and vow that ‘we are in this together’. They will have emergency sessions, and hammer out another relief package, in warp speed. They will dole out, direct payments, quick fast and in a hurry.

Why? Because non POC will have lost, a few too many, for their peace of mind. POC will appreciate the relief. We will appreciate the help. We will thank God, for the rest. We will do all of these things. Yet, we shall be sad. Because, we will know, that it wasn’t our black and brown bodies, that moved the needle. It will have been all the white ones. The ONLY reason, this black voice, will have made any difference, by these words, is if they get into the right WHITE hand(s). I can’t breathe. 😦

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