Five minutes of normal…

Found myself enjoying a cup of coffee. French vanilla. Plenty of creamer…..mmm….hmm.

The quiet was nice. I did not have to be: an advocate, a friend, a champion of POC, a coworker, an understanding friend.

Drank that cup of coffee and…..nothing. Dear Lord, thankfully, there was nothing. No pressing need. No worried thoughts that I should be praying/writing/thinking of/for change.

Thinking is hard, yall. Caring, is hard.

Waiting for change, is exhausting. Trying not to think of waiting for change, is exhausting.

So, decided to just….drink a cup of coffee and find just five minutes, of normal.



The world has gone cra cra. No getting around that.

But, we can still enjoy and take just five minutes. Five minutes, of normal. Wonderful.

So, wonderful, in fact, think I shall enjoy another cup, another five minutes, of normal.

Care to join me?


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