I’m exhausted. Have been exhausted since watching 8:46. Truth be told, I have been exhausted, for the past 51 years. Tonight, I was talking to a black male friend of mine. He shared how EXHAUSTING it was, living in this world, as a black man. I shared how utterly EXHAUSTING, it is, having to live in this world, as a black woman. For him, he is viewed as a THUG. For me, I am viewed as an ANGRY, BLACK WOMAN. Dammit, I AM angry. I have every right to be. I am soooooooooo truly angry that our precious KINGS, are viewed as no more than THUGS and trifling.

Most black/brown men, would give you the shirt off his back. And, they have done so, many times. Most black/brown women, would run through a wall to fight for ALL children. And, we don’t discriminate. We would, beat the holy hell out of ANY that would cause harm, to a child.

I wish that. Dammit, I am TIRED OF WISHING!!!!!

I’m exhausted…..sigh….I’m exhausted. I can’t breathe. Alas, I shall, scrape my tired/troubled heart, from off the floor and will post these words to as many places as I can. In hopes, that folks will see. Hell, in hopes that WHITE America, CORPORATE America, will read these words, hear, act and tell me that Black Lives Matter, that MY life matters. I am highly exhausted, and ticked off, that I find myself, STILL waiting for America to make me free.

ENOUGH ALREADY!! Alas, I reread these words, and find myself hopeful, yet again, that somebody, somewhere, somehow, is listening and will do something, dammit! Exhausting. Think I will post this, to my blog, and call it…..Exhausting.

To be continued…


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