What’s up with this God stuff?

Full disclaimer: Jesus is My Homie. My Bestie. I kick it, with him, on the daily. I yak at/with Him, incessantly. I ‘hit Him up’, as the young folk say, throughout the day. Don’t tell Jesus that I put Him on blast. But…..*looks around discreetly*. Jesus is a BIG gossip. Yep, He and I talk, endlessly, about all of life’s goings on. Okay, I mostly talk, and He listens.

For the life of us, we can NOT understand why folks are so afraid to get to know Him. I think it’s because the world has tried to paint Him as some task master. Do this and don’t do that. Think this way, and you had best NOT think that other way! Dress like this, good grief, don’t dress like THAT!…*gasp*. Go to this particular house of worship. By the by, you are NOT to be inter-mingling with THAT group of believers. They don’t believe, in the correct manner, don’tcha know?…smh…

Jesus and I feel extremely sorry for some ‘Christian folk’ who have robbed themselves of the AWESOME opportunity, to get to know and love gay folk. Gay peep are some of the most loving, loyal and funny people, you will ever meet. Funny in a ‘haha’ way. I had a really close friend, or so I thought, kick me to the curb, just because I said ‘that’s really messed up that so and so was denied insurance just because she was gay. This ‘friend’ told me that I had a ‘problem’ and never spoke to me again. That was 20 years ago, and still no sign/word from her. She loved Jesus, of course…..*sigh*…

We are also terribly troubled, and saddened, by the current events. I am a POC, person of color. I work hard. I love hard. I have never been to jail. I am not a thief. I try not to take up too much space. I love folks/peep. I love to learn. I love to laugh. I love to get to know folk. Yet, I, and other POC, are personna non gratta, here in America. Jesus feels super sorry for those who are afraid to get to know people like me….*sigh*….okay, I shall admit that I am sad/disheartened, that there are many, many folks who hate me, just because….hell, I don’t know why folks have, and still do, hate POC. I have no earthly idea why they believe I am in ‘their country’ and should not be ‘in THEIR neighborhood’. Last I checked, the USA belonged to all of us. At least, it is supposed to.

Alas, I digress. I started this post asking the question “What’s up with all this God stuff?” Folks wonder where God is, during tough times. They wonder, if, or how, there can even BE a God and allow all of these horrible things to take place.

Believe me, I have had many a knock down, drag out fight, with God, crying, hollering, raging and DEMANDING to know why He puts up with all this!?


I must admit, my conversations, with Jesus, have been tear-filled. My conversations, with God, the Father, have been heated, they have been angry. I am hurt. I can’t breathe. I am His daughter. George Floyd, was His son. Why, did you allow him to leave here, and go to You, that way? Why, have You allowed POC to be treated so horribly? Why other races? Why, hurt and wars and destruction. He has not answered, yet. Okay, I am not speaking to Him. Not today. Am hurt/angry/discouraged today.

So, I talk to Jesus. I cry with Him. He cries with me. We cry, together. Jesus, holds me, and understands my upset. He understands my bewilderment, about God. For, He knows that where He, Jesus is, there the Father is, also. I respect God. He is a tough. He allows us to rant and rave. And, loves us still. Wow. God STILL loves me. God loves ME! He loves me, when I am angry. Loves me, when I am sad. Loves me, always.

The Bible says that NOTHING can separate us, from the love of God. God, I surely need you to love me now. Still, I ask, today……’what’s up with all this God stuff?

Until He answers, I invite you, to have a yak with Jesus. If you don’t know Him, hit Him up. If you are not ‘christian’ or have another faith. That’s okay. Hang out with us, anyway, as you will meet up with Him, sooner or later. He loves you. He is there for you. Jesus has got your back. I pray for each and every person, within the sound of my voice, or those in view of this post. We got this.

Let’s keep talking to each other. Let’s get to know folks, of different stripes and walks of life. None of us will get out of this life, alive. In the meantime, let’s make it through: together. I love you, ALL my sisters and brothers.

I love getting to know folk. Hit me up. Comment. Share your thoughts. Let’s talk a while. I will put on the coffee. You bring the snacks. Social distancing, of course. 🙂

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